Sae-Sa ch60
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Bairong Empire
Partners Emperor Bairong
Personal Status
State Alive

Minister Sae-Sa is a common noble who managed to receive an influential rank. He works closely with Emperor Bairong and took part in the manipulation of Yue Bairong using Eun Sul-Hwa.


Sae-Sa is an average hight middle-aged man dressed in traditional Chinese robes. He has a dark goatee.


Sae-Sa is skilled in manipulation and politics. He knows how to be passive aggressive to other high ranking individuals and will use the Night Crows to do any dirty work. He is also cunning, and shows no remorse for any of his deceptions.



Sae-Sa is first seen engaging in a passive aggressive conversation with Prime Minister Vi. By the end off the conversation the Prime Minister wonders if they share the same goal.

At some point he begins scheming with Vi and Eun Sul-Hwa as well as Emperor Bairong.

Two years later, Sul-Hwa has yet to kill Yue and Sae-Sa witnesses her placing a blanket over him as he sleeps. He intervenes when Vi questions her priorities, defending her actions and giving her more time. As soon as Sul-Hwa leaves he orders a Night Crow kill her.

While Yue is mourning Sul-Hwa he tells Yue that the Night Crows know who killed her and that they follow Emperor Bairong. He offers to raise Eun Sul-Hwa's status to a noble in order to give her the royal funeral that Yue insists. Sae-Sa next appears beside Emperor Bairong after Yue confronts him, having heard the entire conversation and schemes with the Emperor.