Ryuhwan M ch52
Ryuhwan's Mother
Race Witch
Gender Female Female
Hair Color Black
Personal Status
Relatives Ryuhwan (Son)
State Deceased
Weapons Staff
Manhwa Chapter 53

Ryuhwan's Mother was shown in the Bairong Empire, in a burning city in between mountains. Right before her death, she saves Ryuhwan by sending him away via a magic circle. She was murdered by a man that looks remarkably similar to Eunryu.


Ryuhwan's mother is a young woman with long dark hair dressed in formal, ancient Chinese robe.


She has shown a great deal of motherly love, valuing Ryuhwan's life above her own.



Many years before the main story line began, Ryuhwan along with his mother were in a city surrounded by mountains in the Bairong Empire. The city was seen burning and she was bloodied. During her last moments, she sent Ryuhwan away using an emergency magic circle, although she couldn't choose the destination. Her final words were, "You must go on, my dear beloved son Ryuhwan".


Ryuhwan still often has nightmares about her death and has been having them ever since the event happened.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Magic Circle: She can construct a magic circle and appears be fairly experienced at making them.

Mana Source (마력의 원천 Malyeog-ui Woncheon): Like all witches, it is assumed she produces her own mana which can be used to enhance her physical abilities in many aspects or to cast spells.

  • Enhanced Speed: The mana produced can increase the speed the witch can function.
  • Enhanced Strength: Attacks reinforced with mana are more powerful than ordinary attacks.
  • Enhanced Durability: By reinforcing their body with mana, witches are able to withstand attacks ordinary humans aren't able to.
  • Quicker Recovery: Mana allows the witch's wounds to heal at a more rapid rate.


Staff: She uses this to draw an emergency magic circle.


  • It is assumed she's a witch since she had knowledge of magic circles and could activate one without having any resources, this requires mana.
  • While it has been stated that witches cannot have children due to mana being poisonous to their developing child's body, it is possible that Ryuhwan's mother became a witch after her son was born.