The Phantom Maidens are Vihyungrang's Supporters.




Bari is one of Vihyungrang's strongest Phantoms. She is the only one visible to the naked eye, and serves as his attendant while not in battle.

Powers, Weapons and AbilitiesEdit

Sword and Chain
Bari owns a curved sword attached to a chain. From the panels Bari is in, she uses the sword as an anchor for her chain, as well as her extreme strength.
Superior Strength
Bari possesses incredible strength, able to press Surtr into the ground with enough force to form a large crater in the ground, and with seemingly no effort at all.
Superior Speed
Bari also seems to have super speed, as East once commented on how fragile she was. She vanished one second and reappeared later, pressing Surtr into the ground with one hand. The next panel shows her retorting with "Do you still think I am fragile?"
Laser Beams
Bari can fire laser beams from her eyes. The first time this is seen is during the Beginning of the Invasion Arc. Just before departing on the train, Tasha and Cooga burst into Vihyungrang's office, demanding that they be seperated as teammates. After an explanation that they dont have enough A-Class WH to go around, therefore exceptions cannot be made, He asks for Bari to remove them, which she does with "Eye Laser".
In her fight against Surtr, she ensnared him with her sword's chain and blasted him head on with "Eye Laser: Max." The actual power is unknown, as it is barely any damage to Surtr, but it can be assumed that it is a powerful attack.

Fire, Earth and DestructionEdit

The spirits that rest in his scarf and in a tip of his staff that he always has with him. Destruction manifests itself through a ball of energy.