July 21, 2017

Brainwash is the 172nd magazine chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.

Tasha Godspell demands to know why Aria Godspell would blow up Edea Florence and her home. Unfazed Aria tells her brother it was because Edea was keeping Tasha hostage. Aria refuses to believe Tasha would stay there willingly and comes to the conclusion that Edea brainwashed him. At the end of Aria's explanation, Edea appears unscathed and gets Tasha away from Aria. Quickly fixing her home she decides to teach Aria a lesson.


Behind Tasha, Edea's home blows up. Tasha tries to get to Edea who is still inside but Aegis stops him. Tasha demands to know why Aria did what she did, and Aria happily replies that it was because Edea took Tasha hostage. Tasha tries to explain that Edea is his Master but Aria brushes him off and tells him he's confused because Edea brainwashed him. Aria explains that Tasha's been in the same location for over a year and before she came there was a powerful restriction field around the area which distorts the five senses to ensure no one approaches. Aria tells Tasha that she would have come for him sooner but she's been kept under heavy surveillance. Aria ends her explanation that if Tasha wasn't a hostage he surely would have come to see her. Tasha is shaken by Aria's mentality but Aria takes no notice and tells him Edea never knew the bond they have for each other, which allows them to feel each others' presence anywhere in the world. Suddenly Tasha is lifted in the air away from Aria, and Aegis' shields are activated to protect Aria from an attack. Tasha floats towards Edea and he is relieved to see her unharmed. Edea states that it's the first time she's ever heard someone call the curse a bond. and quickly repairs her home. She states that although it doesn't look like much her home is a witch's castle. The chapter ends with Edea deciding to teach Aria a lesson for coming uninvited and being shameful to her pupil.

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  1. Tasha Godspell
  2. Aria Godspell
  3. Edea Florence

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  • Aegis


  • Repair