July, 2017

Change is the 167th magazine chapter of Jung-man Cho's Witch Hunter.

At Edea's house, Vihyungang notices a change in Edea both appearance and personality wise. He discusses the change with Bari on their way back to the WH centre. Bari also recalls the time she spent with Tasha in which the two discussed Edea and Vihyungrang's relationship. Bari assures Tasha their is no intimacy between the two and encourages him to like Edea as much as he wants.


Vihyungrang studies Edea's appearance; shiny-gloss hair, earrings, and lipstick, wondering how the sudden change in appearance could happen. The two drink tea together and Edea questions his sudden visit and demands to know why he brought Bari along. Vihyungrang reasons that the tea he brought is very expensive and he needed someone who can brew tea expertly to bring out the flavour, adding that even Edea acknowledges Bari's brewing. Edea dismissed this and counters that her Tasha can brew tea just as good as anyone. Vihyungrang reluctantly agrees and takes note of Edea's choice of words, "my Tasha." As Edea glares at Bari, helping Tasha with house work, Vihyungrang examines Edea's various expressions and the way she smile when she looks at Tasha, then notices that her emotions are rubbing onto him. Vihyungrang and Bari leave Edea's home and Vihyungrang compliments Bari on her behaviour and asks her opinion of the visit. Bari admits being surprised at the condition of the house (which is usually a mess) and Edea's appearance (not in her pyjamas and glasses), and especially the glares Edea aimed at her when she was with Tasha. Vihyungrang asks what emotions she felt from Edea and Bari answers there were a lot of new emotions she never felt from Edea including restlessness. Bari realizes that Edea lifted her Emotional Stability and Vihyungrang confirms it. Vihyungrang states that he wouldn't expect Edea to last long without the restriction considering Edea's personality. He teasingly asks Bari if he should work on it too and Bari shuns the idea. Vihyungrang comments that there is no other explanation because he couldn't get Edea to make an adoring expression as she did for Tasha even though he's known her for years. He wonders out loud how Tasha managed to make Edea change so much and Bari replies that it was simply chance. Bari has a flashback to the time she spent with Tasha earlier, the two chatting while washing dishes. Tasha notices that Edea and Vihyungrang are really close and comments that the two look good together and Vihyungrang's tall as well. Bari studies Tasha as he shrinks from three levels of disappointment and assures him that although they are close they are only close as friends. The chapter ends with Bari telling Tasha to keep liking Edea as much as he wants, effectively making Tasha blush.

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  1. Edea Florence
  2. Vihyungrang
  3. Bari
  4. Tasha Godspell

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